Ski Team


La squadra agonistica, un progetto di crescita per tutti.

GogaTrubi | Ski Team

The competitive team, a growth project for everyone.

What is fundamental for us? Teaching kids to set goals, have commitments, give their all for their passion, learn to win and also to lose, and experience continuous comparison with others, with the aim of improving workout after workout. 

All aspects of competitive spirit that we believe are useful in sport as well as in the growth of children, and we try to convey them while having fun!

Alpine skiing is the winter sport par excellence, loved and favored by all mountain and adrenaline lovers. In Italy it has thousands of enthusiasts who gather during the winter season in the most beautiful Italian ski resorts, such as the Piana di Vigezzo.

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Goga Ski School

Lezioni individuali e corsi di gruppo.

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