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SKI Service

Sciolinatura e lucidatura delle solette, riparazione completa dello sci, inclusa la sistemazione di solette e affilatura delle lamine, così come la preparazione di materiali per competizioni agonistiche di alto livello.

SKI Service

We have a wide range of services for you and your skis!

Waxing and polishing of bases, complete ski repair, including fixing of bases and sharpening of edges, as well as the preparation of materials for high-level competitive competitions.

Based on your needs, you can choose the service package that best meets your needs, you can leave your material at one of our collection points and collect them the next morning, ready to speed on the slopes.

Cutting-edge processes and machines

The correct setup of your equipment is something we care about particularly: we use the latest generation ROBOT Winterstiger Scout computerized machines to flatten, repair and shape the bases, sharpen the edges to perfection, wax and polish every type of ski.

Personalized setup and services

Our team is made up of constantly trained and updated professionals, able to perfectly prepare skis for every technical level and snow condition and guarantee maximum safety on every descent.

Side plates only


Only edges + Tuning


Edges + Tuning + flattening + wax


Edges + Tuning + flattening and imprint + wax

Hot wax

Imprint of your choice



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